New Digital Marketing Agency Launches in North Wales

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Two young entrepreneurs, Harry Phillips & Matt Hughes, have officially launched This Digital – a new Digital Marketing Agency based in North Wales.

This Digital will focus on growing businesses through Digital Marketing, primarily through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. From startup businesses trying to generate leads to e-commerce giants looking to improve ROI, This Digital is looking to make a real impact, growing businesses both locally and across the UK.

Co-founder Harry commented: “We are both extremely excited to be launching This Digital. As a North Wales-based marketing agency, we understand how frustrating agencies can be to work with, and we believe the key to solving this taking a people-first approach. With This Digital, you’ll get to know who you’re working with, and why we care so much about growing your business.”

Many businesses are still missing out on the huge benefits of Digital Marketing, and for some, there is a degree of uncertainty about whether it’s right for them. Our aim is to help these businesses understand that Digital Marketing drives businesses’ growth online and can really help them achieve wider business goals.

Who are we?

Both coming from agency backgrounds, Harry & Matt both shared the ambition to set up their own business, using their youth and digital expertise to their advantage.

An added incentive for the two entrepreneurs was the positive impact they realised they could make on North Wales businesses; this is where the two grew up, even attending the same school.

Matt commented: “Having both grown up in North Wales, we saw a real opportunity to make our services accessible for local businesses. We’ve both found that smaller, local businesses don’t always have the opportunity to utilise the services of larger, city-based agencies, and this is an issue we were looking to solve.”

What is the plan?

Having taken time to develop a growth strategy for the agency, This Digital have now officially launched their business with a brand new website. The agency will spend the summer developing connections with local businesses and moving into their office in Mold, Flintshire – just down the road from where Harry & Matt grew up.

Agency operations will commence fully in early September, but any inquiries are, of course, still welcome. We’re always open to new opportunities, so feel free to get in touch, we’d be happy to chat.

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