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March 4, 2022

Employee News: Christy is on Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly

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One of our Paid Media Managers Christy, and her fiance Scott have recently been assigned Trainer Graeme Hall from the popular programme /Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly to help with their dogs Buzz (Pug) and Roshi (Chow Chow).

Graeme is on a mission to help canines with behavioural issues and develop a healthy relationship between the dogs and their owners. Christy’s episode aired to more than a million viewers on Tuesday 1st of March and of course the This Digital team all watched along supporting.

Dogs Buzz and Roshi used to be best pals, but after Christy and Scott moved into their new home, all hell broke loose and the brothers went to war.

Christy and Scott both had a positive experience with Graeme’s training techniques and have learnt a lot of valuable tools to help the boys moving forward. Their four-legged friends are now on the right path to becoming friends again.

We often have a lot of furry team members joining us in the This Digital HQ, Buzz and Roshi have been regular visitors. It’s great to support Christy whilst also being a bit surreal to see one of our own on the telly!

Massive well done to Christy and Scott for sharing their story, Buzz and Roshi will get extra treats in the office now that they’re famous.


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