Our Cookie Policy

Last updated: 11/02/2020


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. The cookie is stored by the website’s server and the contents of that cookie can then only be retrieved by that same server. Cookies are extremely common and are used to improve website efficiency, as well as provide information to website owners about their users.


Disabling Cookies

Whilst cookies are generally quite harmless, you may still wish to disable them. You can do so by adjusting the settings on your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). It is possible to only block some cookies or to delete cookies that have already been set. However, be aware that in doing so, you may lose some functions of that website.


Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies for a variety of reasons detailed below. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without completely disabling the functionality and features they add to this site. It is recommended that you leave on all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.


Types of Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies which enable to navigate a site and gain full access to its features and secure areas.


Analytics & performance cookies – They allow us to recognise, count and establish  how visitors browse our site when they are using it which helps us improve user journeys. Performance cookies (often known as web analytic cookies) don’t collect any information that identifies the customer and all information collected is aggregated and therefore anonymous.


Functionality cookies – These cookies remember choices you make to improve your experience.


Targeting or advertising cookies – These cookies record your visit to our site, any pages you visited as well as any links you followed. We will use this information to make our site and any ads more relevant to your interests. We may also share this information with third parties for this purpose.


Cookies Set on Our Site

When you submit data to through a form such as those found on contact pages or comment forms cookies may be set to remember your user details for future correspondence.

Cookie: Google Ads

Purpose: This cookie is used to track visits and orders placed from advertising on Google’s search and display network. This cookie is triggered when a user visits and makes a purchase via Google’s sponsored ads and is triggered on the confirmation page. For further information: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/?hl=en

Cookie: Universal Analytics (Google)

Purpose: These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website and WordPress blog. The information is used to compile reports and to help us improve the website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website and blog, where visitors have come to the website from and the pages they visited. For more information, please see Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data

Cookie: Google Tag Manager

Purpose: These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the Sites. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the Sites, where visitors have come to the Sites from and the pages they visited. For further information: https://www.google.co.uk/analytics/tag-manager

Third Party Cookies

In some special cases, we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies you might encounter through this site.



Hopefully, that has clarified things for you and as was previously mentioned if there is something that you aren’t sure whether you need or not it’s usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case it does interact with one of the features you use on our site. If you are still looking for more information then you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods.

Email: hello@thisdigital.co.uk