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Google Shopping Agency

A Proactive, Data-Led Approach to Google Shopping Management

Our e-commerce specialism revolves around our unrivalled approach to Google Shopping. We stay abreast of the latest industry trends, whilst using our years of experience and commercially-driven focus to create bespoke, highly advanced Google Shopping strategies to massively scale your business’ revenue and profits.

Google Shopping

Feed Optimisation

The quality of your product feed has a direct impact on the performance of your Shopping campaigns. Often overlooked, we take feed optimisation to the next level, optimising the data to significantly boost the amount of exposure for your products.


Save 20% on all Shopping clicks. Yes, you read that right – our clients save 20% on all Google Shopping clicks by running your Google Merchant Center through our CSS (comparison shopping service) platform. More clicks = more conversions, simple.

Advanced Campaign Structures

We’ve developed an arsenal of Shopping campaign structures with proven results, ready to implement for your business. We’re also no strangers to building completely bespoke structures to suit your product feed.

Leveraging Automation

The Google Ads landscape is ever-evolving, which requires a proactive approach from PPC managers. We stay one step ahead of these changes; rather than just ‘riding the wave’, we’re constantly finding opportunities to leverage these changes for our clients’ benefit.

More than just a service provider.

We never stop learning, building and adapting. Google have their best practices and so do we, but we don’t settle for standard and your PPC account shouldn’t either.
Naturally, it takes time to build trust with a new agency, but our goal is to become a true extension of your business.

In our experience, this approach allows us to truly understand how your business operates. From a Google Shopping perspective, when profit margins and supply chain enter the conversation, this can be revolutionary in how we leverage Google Shopping to exceed your targets and grow your business.Our team are constantly testing, researching and implementing new strategies to try and find the next new best practice.

Andrew Dibben

Owner of AJ’s Studio

I have never completely trusted any of the previous PPC agencies we’d worked with or looked to use, but straight away I knew Harry and Matt were different.

With most agencies it feels like 50% of the money paid to them is wasted. It’s almost as if they are doing half a job, but with This Digital, I feel like we are getting 110% from every pound.

I know better than most how easy it is to throw good money after bad at Google Ads and hoping for the best, but now I’m This Digital I am seeing record-breaking sales figures and now fully understand where every penny goes, and this is during the COVID era! If anyone needs any reassurances or convincing of why to work with This Digital, then they should talk to me.

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About us

We don’t do average We don’t do ticking over

We do strong year-on-year gains and scaled revenue that grows our clients’ businesses.

Fast approaching our third year of business, we’ve scaled to a team of 4 and have worked with over 50 ambitious businesses. We’re passionate about working with our clients to grow their businesses like never before, and our means to achieve that is through Paid Media advertising.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Google Shopping services.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping enables e-commerce businesses to advertise their products across Google and search partner websites, displaying the product, name and price. Google Shopping runs in two parts, Google Ads which allows you to set up and run campaigns and Google Merchant Center where the product feed is managed.

How much does it cost to get on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping runs on a cost-per-click (CPC) model, meaning every time a potential customer clicks an ad, it costs a small amount of money. The CPC amount can be set and controlled by the advertiser, meaning you only ever pay what you want to. The more you pay, the more searches you will show in and vice versa, but CPC amounts vary depending on many factors.

Is Google Shopping safe?

To advertise on Google Shopping, your product feed must go through a review done by Google and currently they reject around a quarter of all applications that they receive. Google makes these decisions based on reviewing the products, website, images and more. Even if a bad merchant were to slip through the net, Google constantly monitor and review all feeds.

How does a product feed work?

A product feed is usually generated from a website and will contain all of the product data (title, description, images, price etc) which Google needs to allow them to advertise your products accurately. The more data your feed can provide, the better your Google Shopping will perform.

What is Google CSS and how does it work?

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that advertises offers and sales from other online retailers, when a user clicks through to a product, the CSS website sends the user to the retailer’s website to complete the transaction almost working like a middle-man. Google themselves are a CSS, but recently Google allowed other CSS partners to advertise alongside them, which you may have noticed in the Google Shopping results from the likes of ‘High Street One’, ‘Shoptail’ or ‘Kelkoo’.


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