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Increasing Revenue +900% for a Leading Photography Supplies Store

Having already run Google Ads for a number of years, AJ’s Studio approached us with one clear focus – profitability.

Another key consideration for this business is that a huge amount of their orders (particularly higher-value ones) take place over the phone, however they had no visibility on where these high-value calls came from.

Based on this, we approached the project with two clear goals – improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and improve conversion tracking to gain greater visibility on how PPC is contributing to offline sales.

Our Solution.

Over a 12-month period we have transformed the ad account, refining existing campaigns to make them hugely profitable, whilst building in new campaign types which had never been tried before, increasing overall brand exposure.

  • Optimised existing campaigns to cut out key areas of wasted spend
  • Rebuilt the account using our own best practices, and using historical data, redistributed budget to maximise profitability
  • Implemented a tiered Shopping structure to allow us to bid differently based on customer intent
  • Added a new layer of conversion tracking to provide visibility around offline conversions, feeding this back into our campaign management


Before we started working with AJ’s Studio, they were achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 276%. In the last 12 months, not only did we scale advertising spend by 24%, but we massively improved the profitability of the account, taking the ROAS to a staggering 2,235%.

This has resulted in a year-on-year revenue increase of 905% and a multiple six-figure turnover increase.


increase in revenue


increase in ad spend


increase in ROAS

Andrew Dibben

Owner of AJ’s Studio

I have never completely trusted any of the previous PPC agencies we’d worked with or looked to use, but straight away I knew Harry and Matt were different.

With most agencies it feels like 50% of the money paid to them is wasted. It’s almost as if they are doing half a job, but with This Digital, I feel like we are getting 110% from every pound.

I know better than most how easy it is to throw good money after bad at Google Ads and hoping for the best, but now I’m This Digital I am seeing record-breaking sales figures and now fully understand where every penny goes, and this is during the COVID era! If anyone needs any reassurances or convincing of why to work with This Digital, then they should talk to me.


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